Why is our water better?

Check out the process that makes our water taste great!

Our process begins with pre-filtration through a 5 micron sediment filter that gets rid of all the large particles that may be in the water.

We heat our water to 77 degrees which is the optimal temperature for Reverse Osmosis.

Our 1 micron filter screens smaller particles that are in the water.

Our water softener works on the principle of ion exchange with salt free ions (sodium & potassium)
substituting for calcium and magnesium ions.

We use active carbon & resin filters to remove offensive tastes and odor, color, chlorine, chloramine, and volatile organic chemicals.

A final micron filter is in line to remove the tiniest particles still in the water.

Reverse Osmosis employs pressure which forces water through a membrane in the opposite direction. The pores of the membrane allow water to pass from its original solution into a reservoir of clean water.

Ozone pierces the cell wall of bacteria and virus microorganisms on contact, destroying them three thousand time faster than chlorine. Once it performs its oxidizing and purifying tasks, it then reverts to oxygen.

Ultraviolet Light is an effective disinfecting treatment. Our water passes through an ultraviolet light, which would kill any unlikely remaining bacteria.

Our stainless-steel contact tank stores our final product. We regularly ozonate the contact tank and monitor the ozone level.